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Lil Wayne Calls VMAs 'Biggest Moment' Of Biggest Year Of His Life

Rapper attributes success to hard work: 'I work every single hour.'

There's no denying that 2008 was a huge year for [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]. And the New Orleans rapper told Devin Friedman of GQ magazine that the 2008 VMAs served as the highlight.

"Of course it was the biggest year of my life. Obviously. The VMAs were the biggest moment," said Wayne, who took home the Moonman for Best Hip-Hop Video for [video id="215736"]"Lollipop"[/video] and also performed alongside [artist id="2490602"]Leona Lewis[/artist] and [artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] at the show.

He said the accolades were unexpected and that he hadn't anticipated taking home any awards. And he attributed his success to hard work. "The payoff was sweet, of course, but the whole year has been mostly consumed with hard work," Wayne said. "I work every single day. I work every single hour. That's what my year has been like. Work."

The rapper's unrelenting work ethic has paid off. In the past year, he earned the [article id="1589491"]highest first-week sales[/article] for his album Tha Carter III, starred in a documentary, [article id="1600909"]"The Carter,"[/article] which premieres at this year's Sundance, and received eight [article id="1600678"]Grammy nominations[/article], more than any other act this year.

He also found time to star alongside [movieperson id="103255"]Forest Whitaker[/movieperson], [movieperson id="254878"]Taraji P. Henson[/movieperson] and [artist id="1219435"]Bow Wow[/artist] in the upcoming sports drama [article id="1589035"]"Hurricane Season."[/article] The movie, directed by Tim Story, is about a high school basketball team assembled in post-Katrina Louisiana and led to the state championship by Whitaker's character.

Wayne said that working with Whitaker was an intense experience. "If I ever thought I was slipping on what I'm doing around here, I would remember those experiences of being around him," he said. "He looks at you once, speaks to you once, he's not ever going to make eye contact with you again."

Despite his already overbooked schedule, Wayne said that he's trying to write a movie of his own. He's a big fan of horror movies and would love to script one, but he has to get over himself first.

"I always think I be trippin'," he said. "Like, you think you're too good. Shut your stupid ass up, you can't write no movie. I always sit down and be like, 'I'm gonna write me a movie.' Then about five minutes later I be like, 'You really think you're a little genius, don't you.' "

While Wayne said that he gets up every morning and enjoys a normal breakfast like anyone else (although his is prepared by his chef), he explained to GQ that he was unique, to say the least. He said he doesn't like to do, think or say anything that people expect. And it's not a hard decision, either. He's just being himself.

"I'm a Martian," he said. "I like to be different. And what's more different than a Martian?"