Josh Brolin Declares 'Jonah Hex' Script 'Awful...I Love It,' As Directors Leave Project

This morning,

" target="_blank">Variety broke the news that due to "creative differences," Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have officially dropped out as directors for the in-early-development, big screen adaptation of "Jonah Hex" -- DC's resident post-apocalyptic, anti-hero cowboy. And while we could speculate all day as to what those "differences" were, the writing was on the wall when we spoke to Josh Brolin a few days ago, the actor who's had an on-again, off-again attachment to the lead role of Hex.

"When I first read it I thought, oh my God it’s awful!" Brolin exclaimed to MTV News. "And then I had a moment a week later and I thought why is it awful? Maybe the thing to do is to do the most awful movie I can find."

The idea of doing "Hex" grew on Brolin, the actor told us, proclaiming that in the hands of the right director and cast it could be a winner. When asked if the "Crank" helmers were still on board, Brolin replied, "It’s all up in the air," an early indication of today's announcement that the duo were leaving the project.

According to Brolin, it's the zaniness of the story that attracts him to the project. "[I love] the absurdity of it," he said. "It almost allows you to create a new genre. I love going back into the spaghetti western idea and completely turning it around."

When pressed further if and when he plans on making an official announcement regarding taking the role, Brolin replied, "Soon. In the last couple months I’ve been going back and forth about it. I went back to my gut. Is it a sell out? What is it I like about this movie? ... It’s so tongue in cheek. It’s so ridiculous. But once I started putting people in my mind and saying what if I put Malkovich in this role then what does this movie become? Now let’s put this producer and director on it and think about how it plays out. Then it becomes fun. Now I love that movie. If you have a great filmmaker come in then suddenly these gags and characters become interesting."

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