Katy Perry Is Barely Recognizable In Bleached Brows For 'Wonderland' Magazine

So ~high fashion~!

In case you haven't noticed, no eyebrows = high fashion these days, and Katy Perry is the latest to join in on the bleached brow brigade. Today, she posted pic from the latest issue of Wonderland magazine featuring a barely-recognizable version of herself.

Her short, slicked-back 'do gives us serious '80s vibes paired with high-contour cheeks and shiny bronzed lids. She sported a feathered Fendi frock (alliteration, babyyyy), which if you have, oh, $9,000 or so to drop, you can swipe up for yourself.

This appears to be one of many covers coming out tomorrow photographed by Christian Oita, and according to KP, this is one of the most "❤️favorite❤️ shoots I've EVER done." We're not sure if her Kris Jenner-inspired pixie haircut is from the same spread (I wouldn't be surprised!), but either way, we're SO excited to see what the other covers hold.

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