Kanye West Unleashes His 'Christian Dior Denim Flow'

John Legend, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie join G.O.O.D. Friday joint.

For this week's G.O.O.D. Friday offering, Fashion Week-lover [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] sent out a club banger for the model types in the building.

On "Christian Dior Denim Flow" the style-conscious MC opens his latest star-studded cut -- John Legend, Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie make appearances -- rattling off shout-outs to some of fashion's high-profile runway stars.

However, the arrival of the track about smooth model chicks, which was released Saturday (October 2), was fraught with drama. On Monday, 'Ye tweeted about the track's creation, typing, "In the studio with Kid Cudi, Ryan Leslie, John Legend" and dropped hints about the content. However, on Wednesday, [article id="1649032"]West went off on hackers[/article] who swiped some of his unfinished music and canceled the release of this week's song. But by Friday 'Ye had a change of heart and decided to keep the G.O.O.D. Friday initiative going "for the real hip hop fans."

The joint kicks off with the command "All the models to the floor right now, all the models to the floor right now," and 'Ye follows with "I'm in my Christian Dior with a Veronica Webb," referencing the '90s supermodel. The fashion-show fixture drops lines like "Make a phone call, out to Joan Smalls" and spits about seeing "if Jessica Stam got the stamina." West also mentions fashion faces from Dutch Victoria Secret vixen Doutzen Kroes to leggy Canadian phenom Coco Rocha.

While 'Ye showcases his exhaustive knowledge of some of the world's famed beauties, the Legend-helmed chorus suggests the song's protagonist needs a lady who's more than just arm candy.

"I got the world in my hands, the master plan/But I don't know why I keep calling," Legend belts. "All of these girls in my shows, they lovin' me/But I don't know why I keep calling, why I keep calling you."

Push enters with lyrics about chopping it up with a potential hookup, starting his verse with "Miami nights on the search for some T and A." The Virginia spitter then follows up with bars about his [article id="1647685"]MTV Video Music Award appearance with Yeezy[/article].

"We conversate a bit about your DNA/And my salmon-colored suit from the VMAs/Oh, you was watching, who the f--- wasn't?" Push cheekily questions.

The vocals pause for a percussion-heavy breakdown and then pick up for a brief a cappella refrain. As the chorus peters out, producer and singer Ryan Leslie takes his hand at the mic, spitting a few bars while the beat woozily slows down.

"It's time for a lesson in model behavior/Damn, look at all the bad bitches I gave you/Man, I can see the flaws to your flavor/Look like Wonder Woman and still need a savior," Leslie rhymes.

Banks is up next, dropping lines like "He ain't Kraft material, champagne for cereal/Shorty stole my heart, criminal, my lucky charm," presumably lamenting a failed relationship.

Cudi closes with the track with lyrics about his lacing his lady with Chanel and keeping suspect characters at bay.

"Bitches better have they thoughts before approaching/I done heard it all, baby, save it for them other n----s," wrapping up his verse with "Haters, copy, I'm the image."

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