Lana Del Rey Is All Of Us Dancing Around Her Kitchen And Singing Along To The Weeknd

Except she’s, y’know, on the track herself

It’s good to know that we’re not the only ones slinking around our apartments pretending to be pop stars when no one else is around, and that, uh, pop stars pretend to be pop stars when no one else is around, too.

Lana Del Rey took it easy after Thanksgiving, and spent the next day relaxing and listening through The Weeknd’s latest album, Starboy — or at least she listened through “Stargirl Interlude,” as she posted her very own DIY mini–music video for the track on her Instagram on November 25.

In the clip, Lana lip-synchs along with the song that she lent her own vocals to, so this isn’t so much Lana pretending to be a pop star as it is simply revisiting her part on a song that left a lasting impression. (Lana’s featured on not one but two tracks on Starboy, including this one and “Party Monster.”)

It doesn’t matter how famous or successful you get: Everyone loves blasting their favorite tunes in the kitchen, and Lana just happened to give us a first-person glimpse at her solo dance party.

Hey, if we had that sick view — and talent, or something — we’d probably shoot more selfie-inspired music videos on our phones in the dead of night, too.

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