Mac Miller Comes To Peace In New Posthumous Song

'That's Life' is produced by 88-Keys and also features Sia

Mac Miller's verses always contained a hint of knowing, and in the wake of his death, it can almost feel like he's speaking from beyond the grave. Producer 88-Keys has released a new collaboration with Miller and Sia called "This Life" that's about the ups and downs that we go through. Miller's personal, two-verse anecdote looks at his own life and smiles lovingly at it, shrugging off the negative. It lets us know that everything's going to be OK.

After Miller's debut studio album, Blue Slide Park, came out in 2011, he was catapulted to mainstream fame almost instantaneously. Over the next seven years, he dealt with its trials and tribulations. In "This Life," Miller reflects on these years, from buying emergency contraceptive pills for random hook-ups to spending $350 dollars on an expensive entree. He's brutally honest, at one point rapping "I drown my sorrow in that bottle / Today is full of regret, find forever in tomorrow."

But on the chorus, he reckons with his past and shrugs his shoulders. "That's life, what are you going to do?" he sings. Sia comes in at the end, a response to the hardships she's heard of, with a wish to take Miller's pain. Her part is brief, but beautiful. It's a necessary riposte with a sharp statement: "Everybody lives and everybody dies."

Miller's first official posthumous verse was released earlier this month in the Free Nationals's "Time" that also features Kali Uchis. On it, he made peace with past relationships, saying that "in the end, everything will be fine, that's by design." He continues to make the world feel better from the sky.

Listen to Mac Miller and Sia open up about life's trials and tribulations in "That's Life" up above.

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