Will Ed Sheeran And Game Release An Album Together?

The Grammy-nominated singer tells MTV News they have 11 songs together.

The countdown is on, Sheerios. Ed Sheeran is looking to release his follow-up to his breakthrough + album this summer. The Grammy-nominated singer revealed who might join him on the release.

"I haven't really set a date yet. It's definitely summer. I needed to take a month off. I had September through February off," he told MTV News' Sway Calloway on the Grammys red carpet. "I have the whole, the month of February off and then I start again."

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Sheeran got fans buzzing that the album might be titled = in a tweet last month. And after rumors started swirling about Game's involvement (after a carefully posted Instagram), Ed finally told us that the rapper will appear on 11 songs.

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"I've done a lot of rap songs of late and they're all quite interesting," he shared. (He worked with Lupe Fiasco last year.) "I've ended up on songs with some interesting people. There's one I can't really name just 'cause I think it'd be quite a surprise when it comes out but I did around 11 records with The Game, which is quite interesting," he dished about the unlikely twosome's upcoming collaborations.

14 Reasons Ed Sheeran Needs To Win Best New Artist Grammy.

With no word on if any of those songs will appear on his summer album, he did previously share that the album won't include a Taylor Swift duet, but he did work with legendary producer, Rick Rubin.

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