BTS's Jungkook Debuts Heartfelt New Single 'My You'

The vocalist thanks all the fans in ARMY for their love and support to celebrate the group's ninth anniversary

Summer is very much in the air, and on Monday (June 13), BTS’s Jungkook celebrated by dropping a brand new solo single and a heartfelt tribute for the ARMY titled “My You.”

The song, which has both Korean and English lyrics, was released alongside the ongoing 2022 BTS Festa, which annually celebrates the anniversary of the group’s debut. This year marks BTS’s ninth anniversary, and on the track, Jungkook thanks the fans for all their genuine love and support.

“It’s a song only for you, and I hope this song will make me who made this song and all of you who will listen to this song become more hopeful, make each of us shine, and be a strength,” he said in a note on the group’s official website. “ARMY, thank you always and let’s make more good memories together!” A fan translation of the entire original Korean message can be found below.

To accompany the single, an adorable video was uploaded with lyrics flowing through Android text messages, Instagram stories and posts, and a music-playing user interface.

“All these lights are colored in by you / All these times are precious due to you,” Jungkook sings in the chorus. “ Four seasons have passed with you / Four scents were left ‘cause of you.”

And get ready for even more feels: “All the reasons why I can laugh out / All the reasons why I sing this song / Thankful to be by your side now / I'll try to shine brighter than now.”

BTS recently dropped their first anthology album Proof, along with a brand new single, “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” Alongside the release, the group has also launched pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles for exclusive merch for the album and from past music releases.

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