Mashup: Jack Slays Giant, Rescues Princess Bride

Some are saying that this past's weekend box office winner, "Jack the Giant Slayer," was a flop because of it's unexpectedly low profit. And, hey, who's to say if $28 million dollars is something to scoff at? (Well, actually, mega-rich producers, that's who, in which case, they should know that we are more than happy to take the losses.)

Still, even if "Jack the Giant Slayer" doesn't turn out to be a cinematic classic, there are always mashups to give it some extra cache. And lucky for us (and Jack), someone laid the audio from the trailer for "Jack" over footage from "The Princess Bride." Who would've guessed that the voices of Nicholas Hoult, Ian McShane, and Ewan Macgregor would fit so seamlessly, played against the faces of Carey Elwes, Robin Wright, and Mandy Patinkin?

So, if you love epic mashups, all we can really say is: prepare to die -- like, totally die!

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