Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Will Be Re-Released With Additional Footage

'I realized I had an embarrassment of riches,' director Jon Chu says.

After watching "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," did you leave the theater thinking there was even more Justin Bieber film footage that you wanted to see? Well, your wish has been granted. A new version of the movie, dubbed [article id="1658018"]"Director's Fan Cut,"[/article] is about to hit theaters this week for an exclusive one-week run.

The extended version will hit theaters on Friday. According to a press release, it will include "more of Justin's friends and hometown life, new songs and performances, and special footage shot at fan premieres across the country."

"I realized I had an embarrassment of riches when I was in the cutting room," director Jon Chu said in a statement. "This cut allows me to retain some of the best scenes from the original movie, while incorporating previously unseen footage and new material I shot during our extensive promotional tour on behalf of the movie. Justin's dedication to his fanbase is unwavering and I was inspired as a filmmaker to attempt to provide them a unique experience that showed even more of his world."

The film originally opened on February 11 and features a behind-the-scenes look into the rise of [article id="1657775"]Bieber's career[/article]. It also includes concert footage shot at various shows during his tour, including his stop at Madison Square Garden last summer.

"It is a testament to the professionalism and tenacity of Jon and the production team for turning around this new version of 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' director's fan cut in only a few months, giving fans an even-deeper look into Justin's life," Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman said. "Giving fans an even deeper look into Justin's life." (MTV's parent company, Viacom, also owns Paramount.)

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