'All Stars' Sneak Peek: Tina Wonders If She's 'Still Got It' On 'The Challenge'

The 'Road Rules' veteran has never won. Is this her time?

Unique one-liners on The Challenge are back, courtesy of Tina Barta.

"Don't call it a comeback," the Road Rules veteran states in the sneak peek above from the Season 2 premiere. Welcome home, Tina!!

Viewers have not seen the Bad Ass (Inferno 2 reference) since she was a "Heavy Hitter" on Cutthroat, and some things are a bit different. But her trademark humor remains perfectly intact.

"My life is fabulous!" she reveals. "I have a husband, no kids. I don't work. I have a pool in the backyard. Life is really good. I just want to see if I still got it; I just want to see if Tina's still there."

Well, one thing is for sure: Kitchenware is not safe...


So...when it comes to Tina's fellow competitors, how would returning player Jasmine describe her " Challenge reputation"? And who has had a "rough few years" away from the game? Watch the clip, and do not miss The Challenge: All Stars streaming now on Paramount+.

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