Welcome To 'Wonderland': Get The First Look At MTV's New Music Series

A glimpse of the upcoming program just aired during the VMAs

Welcome to Wonderland, your brand-new destination for music on MTV. And fittingly, the first glimpse of the upcoming weekly series just debuted during the network's biggest night.

The promo above -- which aired during the MTV Video Music Awards moments ago -- offers a glimpse at the unique program, which will showcase the hottest songs through unique live performances. Beginning on Thursday, September 15, Wonderland -- which will be recorded at the Imperial Arts Studio in downtown Los Angeles -- is going to provide a platform for three artists to express who they are and enable them to connect with their fans.


But before we see the performers in action, here's a closer look at the three hosts who will steer the music-centered ship. First up is Steak, an LA-based underground culture vulture (check her out above). Steak grew up in South Florida on a diet of OG internet, pop-punk and skater style. Her meaty moniker draws from the large amount of steak she grilled in college, often for her whole neighborhood. Since graduating from high school (at age 16), she has toured with various metal bands. From there, she moved to Los Angeles to work for a record label and has found her niche: The skater/hoodrap mashup that occupies the West Hollywood area spanning across Melrose/Sunset (“The Block”), where she is preparing to open up her own ladies' clothing store “The Shop” (an extension of her femme-street skater style). In addition, her social media game is on point: She has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined.


Next, Lizzo is a fierce female rapper and pop artist. The Houston native got her nickname from friends she spent her youth rapping with -- and during that time, she developed her musical identity. Along with rapping, she pursued classical flute and drew inspiration from girl groups like The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Though she went to college with the intention of becoming a professional flute player, she ended up turning her efforts toward pursuing a career in vocal performance. She embarked on a string of stints in various groups -- rap duos, trios, rock bands, electro-pop, indie -- until finally landing in Minneapolis. From there, she was noticed by a local radio station that helped get her on air for the first time -- and was invited to perform at SXSW in 2013 with her then-girl-group, The Chalice. While developing as an artist, she drew a lot of inspiration from the likes of Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill and Beyonce. She is currently working on her third project, a studio album with Atlantic.


Lastly, Myke Wright is a fiery stand-up comedian -- but his talents stretch far beyond comedy. The Detroit native is also an artist, a painter, a rapper, a rocker and an avid consumer of all things music. Known as the life of every party, he grew up learning a lot about music from his parents -- classic rock, classical and jazz were early influences. In addition, he used to rap battle other kids at lunch for their snack packs and steal his brothers’ hip-hop mixtapes to trade with his friends. Myke started playing guitar in high school and joined several rock bands -- then switched to playing bass along the way. Myke moved on from his rock band phase to form a rap group in Detroit called Phresh Heir, and they recorded two mixtapes and gained a solid fan base. Myke used the moments in between songs to chat with the crowd and crack jokes, laying the seeds for his eventual move into solo stand-up comedy.

Don't miss the season premiere of Wonderland on September 15 at 11/10c -- and if you are in the Los Angeles area, here's info on how to score tickets!

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