Emma Roberts And Dave Franco Play Truth Or Dare And Some 'Gross' Habits Are Revealed

Dave Franco certainly isn't a fan

In their new thriller, Nerve, Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are players, teammates, and love interests -- but IRL, Roberts's most disgusting habit threatened to tear their chemistry apart.

OK, so maybe we're slightly overexaggerating. But Roberts did tell MTV News that Franco was "really disturbed" by this aforementioned gross habit while on the Brooklyn set of Nerve.

"Something that a lot of people think is disgusting is I dip my pizza in ranch dressing," she told MTV News's Josh Horowitz during a round of Truth or Dare. "Someone who thinks it's really gross is actually Dave. He was really disturbed that I dip my pizza in ranch."

OK, so that's not actually gross and really quite common, but Roberts shouldn't take it too personally. As it turns out, Franco is put off by any "white viscous-y" condiment. Hmm. So that means no mayonnaise, ranch, aioli, or vanilla pudding for Franco: "I'm a very adventurous eater otherwise." Uh-huh.

In that case, Franco, the game-makers dare you to dip your entire face in ranch dressing. Go ahead. We're watching.

Nerve hits theaters on July 27.

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