Katy Perry Calls 'Wide Awake' A 'Dose Of Reality'

Singer debuts music video for her 'Part of Me 3-D' track and sits down for an exclusive interview with

Katy Perry -- consummate California Gurl and queen of cotton-candy pop -- has a dark side, and she's revealing it in her latest music video, for "Wide Awake."

The chanteuse stopped by MTV News on Monday (June 18) to debut the clip for her "Katy Perry: Part of Me" track (the song was written specifically for her upcoming 3-D concert movie), in addition to sitting down for a wide-ranging 30-minute interview with Sway Calloway on Of course, Perry's litter of KatyCats had plenty of questions for the singer, and she was more than happy to oblige.

Madeline from Michigan asked via video what Perry wanted fans to feel while listening to her latest hit.

"Well, this song, I have a lot of different emotions and feelings in all of my songs," Perry revealed. "This song in particular is a dose of reality. It's kind of like coming down from a high. You've been on cloud nine for so long, and it can't always be so sweet and sometimes you need to realize that, and you have to pick yourself up and move forward and face the facts of life and know that this is just a lesson you learn and you're stronger because of it."

The video opens with Perry wrapping production on her earlier Snoop Dogg collaboration, "California Gurls." We see her retreat to her dressing room, where she removes her candy-colored wig and is suddenly transported into a sort of gothic fairy tale, where she's left to navigate a dizzying maze alongside her younger self.

It's a bit of a departure for the Teenage Dream songstress, but not a surprising one considering the year she's had, including her [article id="1676631"]divorce from comedian Russell Brand[/article], whom she was married to for more than a year.

Yet, as the video concludes, Perry emerges from the labyrinth unscathed and without the help of Prince Charming (in fact, she punches him out), and it's clear Katy is going to be all right on her own.

"Katy Perry: Part of Me," the 3-D concert movie, hits theaters July 5.

Stay tuned as we roll out more from our exclusive "Wide Awake" interview with Katy Perry!

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