Steven Yeun Finally Weighs In On Glenn's 'Walking Dead' Fate

'You realize in that moment that you have affected a lot of people at once.'

While everyone else in the world was tearing their hair out over Glenn's huge cliffhanger on "Walking Dead," Glenn himself was closely monitoring all the weeping and wailing -- from deep inside a carton of greasy takeout food.

Steven Yeun, who plays our favorite pizza-delivery-boy-turned-zombie-slaying-badass, was on the "Talking Dead" via satellite Sunday night (Nov. 22) to talk about (SPOILER ALERT) Glenn's big comeback in tonight's episode.

After a celebration of his UnMemoriam moment -- complete with a Handel Hallelujah chorus set to the footage of his great escape -- here's what he had to say about the big twist everyone's talking about.

"I have not been out much," Yeun said of the past four weeks, during which his fate was up in the air and he was required to keep mum and stay out of sight. "I frequent a lot of takeout, and my apartment looks like a hoarder's house."

But even inside his hidey hole full of fast food wrappers, news of the fan reaction to Glenn's maybe-death reached the actor.

"I feel so amazed at the response," Yeun said. And he was happy for his own reasons to see his character get another shot at life, saying, "I think it proves that this world still can take that story of the good guy winning sometimes. I like that it's not always something miserable happening, really accepting the fact that good guys survive."

And as for the making of that terrifying scene in which we thought for sure that we were watching Glenn's insides coming out, Yeun had some behind-the-scenes intel on how that particular sausage got made.



Turns out, all that juicy meat was actually... well, juicy meat, which the zombie extras chowed down on while Glenn wriggled out and under the Dumpster.

"[They] used barbecue pork. And the day after, it rained, and they didn't clean up the pork," Yeun recalled. "And then they said, 'hey, you should go back under there because we have more to do.' And there were flies, and pork, and it was terrible."

All told, said the actor, he spent "a cool seven hours" under the Dumpster, surrounded by day-old meat.

Yeun also shared some insight into what's next for his character, including fatherhood.

"I think -- last season, you saw a resolve in Glenn, really accepting what Alexandria was and could be for them," he said. "Once he found safety, all he could probably think about was making sure he could create more life."

And if there's one thing Yeun learned from his near-death "Walking Dead" experience, it's that people really, really care about this show, and its characters' well-being.

"You realize in that moment that you have affected a lot of people at once. And that's something you don't see a lot anymore. With what's going on in the world now, it's nice to have some connection," he said.

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