Justin Bieber Is The ‘Coolest Guy Ever’ According To Jake Miller

Jake tells us what it was like to meet 'one of his idols.'

Fans weren't the only ones that full-on freaking out when Jake Miller snapped a picture with Justin Bieber. Turns out, Jake kind of did as well.

The up-and-coming pop/hip-hop artist decided to hit up Ariana Grande's Honeymoon Tour stop in his hometown of Miami where he met the Biebs, whom he calls one of his idols, for the very first time.

"He's someone that I looked up to for a long, long time and [have] been waiting to meet for a while -- I couldn't have asked for a cooler experience," Jake told MTV News.

"Obviously, you hear stories about celebrities and you never really know what to think until you meet them and make a judgement for yourself, but everything I heard about Justin -- he's just the coolest guy ever," Jake added. "He was so humble -- he sat with me for an hour in a room by myself. Just me and him."

Jake went on to explain that Justin had "no ego" and was "just a normal kid" as they hung out and listened to music. The Biebs played Jake some of his "really good" new tracks, while Jake played some of his, including his song "Dazed And Confused," which he's dropping a music video for today.

"We danced to it a little bit in the room," he said of the song. "I pretty much told him my whole background, told him I'm a big fan, told him I'm really excited seeing him back doing his thing because I really look up to him as an artist."

As for a collaboration between the two? Jake said it would be "great," in fact Bieber has number and said he will hit him up -- that's if Justin forgives him for stealing his new puppy, Esther.