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Kid Cudi Has A Long List Of People He Wants To Hug After His Rehab Stay

Including Kanye West

Kid Cudi has had a tough year, but a month after checking into rehab to take care of his mental health, he’s already feeling a lot better.

Cudi returned to the stage earlier this month, and now he’s taken the time to thank all the people who helped him along in his recovery. In a note posted to Facebook, the rapper shouted out the musicians, artists, actors, and journalists who have offered him their support.

Listed in the post was Kanye West, who just began his own treatment for an undisclosed mental illness after being hospitalized Monday night (November 21).

“Feelin’ great and brand new,” Cudi wrote. “Can’t wait to run into each and every one of you and deliver a big hug. Be ready!”

Hopefully Kanye will soon be in the same place, too.