Watch The Avengers Curse Up A Storm In This ‘Age Of Ultron’ Gag Reel

The flick comes to digital on Sept. 8 and DVD/Blu-ray on Oct. 2.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron” had its small slices of humor and Joss Whedon-esque witticisms, but ultimately, the super squad was too busy trying to save the world to be all joke-y with one another.

But fear not — that’s why the cinematic gods created blooper reels. And in the case of “Age Of Ultron,” we get to see even the smartest and mightiest Marvel heroes fall victim to flubbed lines.

A new clip from the movie’s official gag reel shows Mark Ruffalo breaking out a Columbo impression and slipping up his scientific jargon. There’s also Chris Evans riffing on the movie’s final “Avengers Assemble” line, the Hulkbuster sporting an uncharacteristically non-threatening “Kick Me” sign, and Samuel L. Jackson improv’ing a line exactly how you’d expect him to: “Don’t be going all stealth mode, motherf—ker.”

This collection of character-breaking moments will be included as a special feature on the movie’s Blu-ray, which releases Oct. 2.