Joss Whedon's Advice To Aspiring Filmmakers: 'Just Do It'

Don't think you can do what Joss Whedon does? The filmmaker disagrees. According to Whedon, making a movie isn't so hard. Just follow what he did with his latest effort, an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing."

"Get a home that's big enough to fit your camera in, and be best friends with Nathan Fillion," Whedon offered as advice when MTV spoke with him at WonderCon. "Things that any kid can do!"

Okay, sure. Becoming a feature film sensation probably isn't that easy for the average bear. But Whedon does believe that now is as good a time as any — better, even — for aspiring filmmakers to pursue their passion.

"My advice is the obvious advice: just do it, and do it for yourself," he said. "Don't worry about anything other than what you want to say."

"When I started, you wrote something and you worked your way into a system that already existed. Now, people are creating the system, they're defining itself," he continued. "The field is wide open. That kind of freedom, the freedom we felt when we were [making 'Much Ado'] — anybody can do it."

"Much Ado" hits theaters June 7.

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