Lady Gaga Reveals Surreal 'Born This Way' Cover

Gaga is pictured as a half-woman, half-motorcycle hybrid in the image, which she posted on Twitter on Saturday.

The slow reveal of Lady Gaga's Born This Way continued over the weekend as Mother Monster pulled back the veil on the cover of her hotly anticipated album, which will be released on May 23. Although now, perhaps we should start calling her Motorcycle Mama, since the Nick Knight-conceived artwork for the LP that Gaga tweeted on Saturday shows the pop star transformed into a half-woman, half-motorcycle hybrid made of shining chrome and perfectly tousled blond hair.

Under gleaming, metallic-silver bubble letters spelling out the album title, Gaga's head serves as the handlebar accoutrement to a badass chopper, with her arms forming the front fork of the street machine. The entire image is in black and white except for the pop star's lips, which are colored a deep red.

The cover reveal came shortly after the leak of [article id="1662074"]Born This Way's second single, "Judas."[/article] Though the tune isn't slated to drop until Tuesday, Capital FM in London played the RedOne-produced song on Friday afternoon.

The track finds Gaga in familiar territory, singing about a lover she knows might not be right for her, but whom she just can't resist. "Ohhh, I'm in love with Judas," she croons at the opening of the track, accompanied by building synths. Soon a thumping electronic beat kicks in as Gaga wails, "Judas/ Juda-a-ah/ Judas/ Gaga!" in a battle cry reminiscent of the one in her previous smash, "Bad Romance."

And that's not all the Born This Way news. A Gaga fan site has reported that legendary Queen guitarist Brian May will be featured on the ballad "You and I," which Gaga has been performing live on tour for several months.

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