Outkast Tell Otherworldly Love Story In 'Prototype' Clip

Andre 3000 plays extraterrestrial, also directs double LP's latest video.

Outkast want to tell a love story in their next video -- but since they're Outkast, this isn't your typical love story. Alien love is the order of the day for "Prototype," which the group plans to shoot next weekend, with Andre 3000 sitting in the director's chair.

"If M. Night Shyamalan [writer/director of 'The Sixth Sense' and 'The Village'] had a wife who wrote romance novels, this would be it," Andre's treatment reads. "I'd like to make a love video that is as hauntingly beautiful as the track itself. So rather than try to tell some disingenuous love story about an ordinary man and woman, I'd like, instead, to set our narrative in a tableau of magic realism."

Starting with text scrolled across a starry universe a la "Star Wars," the narrative text will set up the story, which takes place in an idyllic rural area, full of rows of flowers bursting with vivid colors -- a picture-postcard scene. According to the scrolled text, an alien ship from the planet Proto has descended to Earth, and you first see its occupants poking their heads out of the spacecraft door, looking elfish with white hair, long lashes and futuristic clothes. A shutter clicks, and a series of black-and-white still shots roll past, showing that a photographer is watching them and documenting the aliens' every move. The Protos turn out to be a family, with Andre 3000 among them. Besides seeing the scene from the photographer's point of view, the video will show the field from Andre's eyes, in what he calls "Proto-Vision" -- full of shimmering color.

Perhaps based on the Protos' extra sensitivity to light, Andre spies the photographer's flash, and being curious, goes out to investigate. The photographer turns out to be a young female, who backs away and hides behind a tree as he approaches, and then, thinking it safe, makes a beeline for her Range Rover to make a getaway. Andre and his Proto family intercept her, and in fear, she drops her camera. Andre retrieves it for her, putting her at ease. The Protos surround her, so she takes them to her vehicle, and shows them the various human things she has, which they inspect gingerly -- records, books, a baseball bat, a guitar -- as their primer on what human life is like. She teaches the Proto women about makeup and the Proto children about games like rock/paper/scissors, and without realizing it, she and Andre start falling in love.

The photographer sets up a picnic for the Protos, and as she tries to read them "Tom Sawyer," they try to mimic her way of eating and drinking -- bringing glasses of water to their lips, which they don't know how to drink, so it dribbles down their chins. She goes off for a walk with Andre, where he tries on her glasses, and then with a bit of Proto know-how, touches her nose, giving off a bright white light that, instead of blinding her, permanently corrects her vision. He gives her a few other adjustments, as do the Proto women, giving the photographer a sort of alien makeover.

After the picnic, the photographer makes a campfire for the aliens, and they learn to toast marshmallows, and then go to sleep, in a sort of strange body stack where they lean up against each other like the legs of a tripod. Andre wakes up in the middle of the night and sneaks to the photographer's tent -- where they kiss for the first time. Like the moment where he touched her nose to correct her eyesight, the act of Andre touching the woman sets of another blinding white light, only this time, the result is that she instantly becomes pregnant with his child -- perhaps a nod to the 1984 sci-fi romance "Starman"? In the morning, when the rest of the Protos prepare to leave, Andre decides to stay behind -- at a price.

The specifics of that touching moment, however, should remain a surprise -- at least until you see the video.