Wu-Tang Clan's 'A Better Tomorrow' Album Comes With Another Unique Rollout Plan

It won't cost $5 million this time.

When you succeed in selling one single album for $5 million, then there's no going back to normal, right? Wu-Tang Clan is gearing up to release their anniversary album, A Better Tomorrow, and in addition to revealing the potential release date, RZA also shared another unique roll-out plan that he came up with.

The anticipated project will tentatively arrive on Black Friday, November 28, and you can buy a hard copy, or just wait for the boombox edition. RZA told Billboard that in addition to the traditional releases, the group will also drop a limited Wu-edition Boombot Rex speaker.

The small speaker will come loaded with eight songs from the album, in addition to the exclusive track "Big Horn B" and two instrumentals, which won't be available on the actual album. The speaker will only be sold at Zumiez, and only 3000 of them will be made in total.

"The full-length album should be available by Black Friday. It's a record to me that merges the way music was made in the classic essence, in an analog way," RZA explained. "As well as merging what's going down the digital way. All the entire 10 Clan members are on it."

"All the [living] members, which is a beautiful thing," he added. "And the album has a small concept in a sense, musically it travels from a guy who is going through difficulties, tries to find himself, gets involved with some violence, some troubles, but then realizes that it's best sometimes to walk away from the past and all the bad times and maybe work on making his life better, and making a better tomorrow."

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