Ms. Jade, Nelly Furtado Battle Timbaland On Video Set

Jade calls in salon sisters for backup in 'Ching, Ching.'

Now that she's chasing people with Hummers and using Nelly Furtado to help double-team Timbaland in a verbal fight, Ms. Jade has sure come far since her days making videos as a junior miss.

"I was in the house making videos before I knew I wanted to [make music for living]," Jade said last Thursday in Los Angeles, where she just finished shooting the clip for "Ching, Ching" with director Mark Classon. Currently, the first female to emerge from Timbo's Beat Club imprint can be seen acting as a daredevil in the video for Pastor Troy's "Are We Cuttin'."

"It's [about] getting comfortable in front of all the people," she said. "I used to be in the house with the Camcorder, putting on silk pajamas, doing my own videos. I was lipsynching Total and Lil' Kim, making little mini videos."

In the full-scale production for "Ching, Ching," Jade and Timbaland play a couple who are on the outs. "He's my man in the video," she iterates, so that people won't confuse their onscreen romance with their brother/sister relationship off camera. ([article id="1457728"]Click here for photos from the video shoot[/article])

"The concept is basically showing how I got to not wanting to be with him no more," the Philadelphia native explained. "The video is, I catch him with three girls just chillin' in the car. I drop the kids off. We get in a car chase. He's driving in a Hummer, I'm driving in a Hummer -- it was like a video/Hummer commercial.

"I go get my girls from the hair salon," she continued. "We're about to fight the other girls. It's crazy, some regular ghetto stuff. I go to his crib and smash all types of stuff up. I get to vent on this one."

Nelly Furtado, who sings the cut's hook, also helps Jade to release some steam.

"Nelly is a girl on my side," Jade said. "You see her walking with the headphones on, and then when [me and Timbaland] are arguing, she's backing me up. Then when she's talking to him, I'm backing her up. It's like a big argument in the middle of the street. You see people coming out with shower caps and robes, then people get locked up.

"I worked with her before," Jade explained. "I was on tour with her, but we really had fun. The video was all night, and I never did no night shoot, so I was sleepy as hell."

Jade didn't get any shuteye either on the set of "Are We Cuttin'," but she did get "high."

"Man, they had me doing all types of crazy sh--, but it was cool," she said of working with director Marc Klasfeld on the Pastor Troy clip. "They cut this part out, but they had me 30 feet in the air on this harness thing. We had to go up 30 feet in the air, carrying a glass. Three times I had to do it. Then they had us jumping [off the] roof on this fake platform thing. It wasn't that far, but it was far enough. I'd seen three people do it before me, so I said I wanted to do it."

"Ching, Ching" is the second single from Jade's debut, Girl Interrupted, which is now due October 22 (see [article id="1455095"]"Ms. Jade's 'Big Head' Is Meant To Move Your Big Butt"[/article]). Aside from her own solo endeavors, she has also recently laid vocals on tracks for Slum Village and Petey Pablo.

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