Watch Camila Cabello And Benny Blanco Record A Song Using No Instruments

They got wickedly crafty

Camila Cabello has branched out from Fifth Harmony before, having recorded her own cover videos and duetted with Shawn Mendes. Recently, however, she joined an entirely new group for a creative collab with a major musical twist.

Cabello and producer Benny Blanco teamed up with OMG Everywhere -- a nonprofit that hosts free arts workshops -- to create an original song with six New York City kids. The catch, however, was that they couldn’t use any instruments at all. In a new video that shows how the song came together, we see the group getting crafty, making sounds from a box of tissues, a cup and straw, a pillow, silverware, dishes, a vacuum cleaner, and more makeshift instruments.

The result, “Power in Me,” is a gorgeous, uplifting song where everyone in the group gets their moment to shine, including Cabello, who sings, “I got a power in me / Stronger than electricity / I got a dream in me / That I’m gonna achieve.”

On Monday, Cabello shared a group pic from the recording session and later called it the “best day ever.”

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