This Is What It's Like To Get A Valentine's Day Gift From Taylor Swift

We talked to the Irish gal who got a special V-Day gift from Taylor.

When 18-year-old Irish student Jessica Kimmins saw that Taylor Swift had "liked" some of her photos on Tumblr, she had no idea what was about to happen next. A moment later, Swift had clicked "follow" on Jessica's blog, Curious Swift, garnering her one of the coveted spots in the singer's blogroll.

This sort of gesture isn't out of the ordinary for Taylor, who frequently double-taps fans' Instagrams and gives them advice on Tumblr. Before her album 1989 hit stores, she hosted five listening parties exclusively for fans she had stalked online -- an activity she has dubbed "taylurking." For Christmas, she sent her Internet friends gifts in the mail. Now, more than ever, Swifties are trying to catch their idol's eye, tagging Taylor in every one of their posts and nudging those with a follow from Taylor to help them get noticed.

Not Jessica. Although she spends most of her time running a Taylor-themed Instagram account with more than 22,000 followers, she claims that Swift just stumbled across her.

"I woke to, like, hundreds of messages telling me that Taylor had just spammed me," Kimmins told MTV News, explaining that all of the Taylor chaos happened after she posted a picture of her tickets to the upcoming June 29 1989 tour date in Dublin.

Soon, she got a message from Swift -- the kind with the envelope emoji, which, in Swiftie language, means you're going to receive something very special soon.

It wasn't long before Jessica got her package in the mail.

"When I got the box, I was just filled with so much joy and excitement," she said of the parcel that came her way on Tuesday night. I think this video sums up her reaction quite well.

"I was in utter shock," Jessica said about her gift, which included a Valentine's Day card. "I can't even explain it." In the box, Taylor had packed tons of 1989 merchandise, dozens of handwritten notes, a Polaroid camera that she had personally used, a poster from her bedroom, a candle, and some apple butter.

Here is said apple butter:

Taylor included a note saying that she sent extras to share with friends.

Look at all this stuff! Jessica's favorite is the Polaroid camera. "I have always wanted one, and she had personally used that one!"

This might be an understatement:

Jessica thinks she's the only person in Ireland to receive a package from Swift, but doesn't know how she was selected.

"It feels incredible!" she said. "I never thought I would ever have an opportunity like this, I have no idea how she picked me."

Like most of Taylor's fans, she would like to meet her one day and, in a note, the singer assured her that they would. However, Jessica thinks she might faint if they ever met up.

"That is my ultimate goal," she said, "Meet Taylor Swift. Her music is just so relatable and I just love how much of a great role model she is."

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