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Will Farrah Be A Part Of The 'Teen Mom: Family Reunion'?

In a new sneak peek, she meets up with Maci

Farrah and Maci have not spoken in "over four years" (according to the former), but that will change when they have a mini family reunion.

"I'm meeting with Farrah because I want her to know that if she wants to be a part of this reunion, there's a spot for her," the mother of three states in a confessional interview in the Teen Mom: Family Reunion sneak peek above. "She deserves the opportunity just like everyone else."

Maci asks Farrah how she is feeling, and Sophia's mom replies that she is "doing good."

"I've been working on a lot of anxiety and tension in the body lately," Farrah continues. "It's been a rough morning in that sense, if I'm being honest."

Maci tells Farrah that she and Amber want her "to be a part of this" -- the trio, after all, began on Teen Mom together (plus Catelynn). How does Farrah respond -- and is she receptive to a group chat with Maci, Coach B, Amber and "maybe Cheyenne"? Watch the sitdown in the clip above -- and do not miss the entire episode tonight at 8/7c.