Every Hilarious Song Emma Roberts Sang On Nickelodeon’s 'Unfabulous', Ranked

'You just got to roll with the punches / Or the punch bowl'

Unfabulous — the show that starred Emma Roberts as Addie Singer, a dorky 13-year-old clumsily navigating the many misfortunes of junior high with the help of her guitar — premiered on Nickelodeon on September 12, 2004. Early on, Emma's acting career went the pop music route as Nickelodeon signed her to Columbia Records to record songs for the show. (Now, between Nerve, Scream Queens, and dozens of other credits, she's starring on screens big and small.)

Emma actually played guitar and has songwriting credits on one track from the show, "This Is Me," though she admitted to only singing vocals on Unfabulous and More, her debut studio album and the soundtrack for the TV series.

Unfortunately, Emma was never able to tour and perform songs from Unfabulous because of her busy schedule — as Nickelodeon's It girl at the time, she was also balancing starring roles in hit films like Aquamarine and Nancy Drew. Though her music career was short-lived, there's still her adorably awkward pop songs, ranked below, to bring you back to your brace-faced school-dance days.

"I Wanna Be"

Key lyrics: "I wanna fly / I want my life to be much more than just an alibi"

Ranking: Unfortunately, this lackluster promotional single for Unfabulous just didn't become the girly-empowerment anthem jam Nickelodeon probably intended it to be.

"Say Goodbye To Jr. High"

Key lyrics: "Hello love, hello life / Hello pain, say good-bye to Jr. High"

Ranking: The track looks back on the fond memories of junior high, which is a concept only few can really relate to because that era of life is generally pretty cringeworthy.

"New Shoes"

Key lyrics: "New shoes, you rule / You rule, new shoes"

Ranking: Definitely not Addie Singer's best lyrical work, but the song still resonates with me today.

"Mexican Wrestler"

Key lyrics: "Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler, a Mexican wrestler / In a red vinyl mask and I might grab you and body-slam you"

Ranking: The most emo, love-depressed track from Emma's singing career.


Key lyrics: "Hanging with you feels so crummy / So I don't wanna be your dummy"

Ranking: Roberts's stand-out track from her time on Unfabulous got major play during commercial breaks on Nickelodeon and spins on Radio Disney.

Season 1 Shorts: "PG-13," "Food Poisoning," "Punch Rocker," and more

Key lyrics: "I'm singing the flat-hair insecurity blues / My life is trash"

Ranking: The verses come straight out of a middle-school journal entry, and while they're only a few seconds long, they're basically Grammy-worthy.

"94 Weeks (Metal Mouth Freak)"

Key lyrics: "Woe is me, life will have to wait / Until my teeth are straight, and that's a long time"

Ranking: This track reigns at No. 1 for its genius title and concept.

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