'American Horror Story: Hotel' Just Revealed A Huge Season 1 Connection

It's all about that Paulson.

As if Sarah Paulson wasn't busy enough playing "Hypodermic" Sally on "American Horror Story: Hotel" and Marcia Clark on its upcoming companion series, "American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson," she's now prepped to serve as the next -- in what's proving to be many -- connection between "AHS: Hotel" and the first installment of Ryan Murphy's hit FX series, "Murder House."

EW reports that Paulson's "Murder House" psychic, Billie Dean Howard, will appear in the upcoming season finale of "Hotel." The character, who was a confidant of Jessica Lange's Constance, has her own reality series in the show's Los Angeles-set universe, and she'll visit the Hotel Cortez for a sure-to-be-murderous episode.


Of course, Paulson's other character, Sally, already lives in the hotel as one of its many ghosts, so... maybe they're long-lost cousins? Finn Wittrock has also played two characters this season, but one of them died before the other arrived, so a face-to-face meeting was simply not in the cards.

"AHS" fans are yet to see if all of the various "Hotel" and "Murder House" connections -- Lady Gaga's Countess visited the house for a (botched) abortion by its original owner Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross), and its realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook) briefly showed up at the Cortez before being slaughtered -- have some sort of deeper meaning, of if they're just Murphy and co. having a bit of fun. In an ideal world, we'd get another glimpse at Constance and her demon child son, but who knows if Lange is down to return just yet. Fingers crossed.

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