Mötley Crüe's Sixx Clashes With Carolina Security Guard

November 6 [7:55 EDT] -- The "Mötley Crüe Vs. The Earth" tour is living up to its billing once again.

At a recent stop in Greensboro, North Carolina Crue bassist Nikki Sixx went ballistic on a security guard who Sixx thought he saw being rough with some fans. During the show, Sixx reportedly saw a security guard shining a light in the eyes of a female fan, who was sitting on the shoulders of another fan. Then midway through the show, Sixx thought he saw the same guard roughing up a fan near the stage, and the bassist began hurling obscenities and racial slurs at the guard, who happened to be black [900k Audio File].

The band is allowing fan's to videotape their shows this time out, and a fan caught the incident on tape.

[article id="1448403"]"We're not going to play any more songs. You know why? Because this security a** hole in the front is punching you motherf***ers, and you deserve better

than that," [/article]Sixx yells from the stage in the footage.

[article id="1448403"]"You're a big f***ing black man. You feel pretty good beating up a little girl. F*** you! You know what you motherf***ers? Kick this f***ing guy's ass. Kick this motherf***er's ass. There's more of you than there is of him.[/article]

[article id="1448403"]"How's that feel you a** hole, you f***ing nigger? Don't call me a f***ing racist man because then you are a f***ing nigger, because nobody treats another human being like that! Suck my d***!" [5MB QuickTime][/article]

Sixx's verbal attack has left the security service for which the guard worked considering legal action against the band.

Meanwhile, the Greensboro ABC affiliate WXLV caught up with fans after the show and heard tales of overly-physical security guards at the concert. "He just grabbed me and slammed me on the ground and about four or five other guys jumped on top of me

also," said Chris Harker, who says he was thrown out of the show before Sixx went on his tirade.

He just went towards the stage like fans do," another fan, Brian Hudson, said of what he saw at the show. "The security guard walked over to him, didn't push him aside, didn't do anything like that, he just punched him.

The Crüe did go on with the show, and finished its set without incident.

You want us to play? Then don't take no sh-- ever,

However, several of the 2,500 fans who came out to the 6,000-seat Greensboro Coliseum were kicked out of the show.

No further comment yet from Crüe, who play San Antonio, Texas on Friday.

The Greensboro incident is the latest chapter in what is shaping up to be a rocky tour for the Crue. As we first reported two weeks ago, the tour caused quite an uproar in Pittsburgh where a local DJ shocked everyone, including the Crüe, by showing a porn flick before the band took the stage. Police

are pinning that one on the DJ. Then, as we reported last week, Crüe frontman Vince Neil got into a dust up with a fan in the front row at the band's show at New York's Nassau Coliseum.

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