'Heroes Reborn': Season One's Spiritual Yoda Wants Back In

Actor Christopher Eccleston weighs in on possible 'Heroes' and 'Thor' returns.

"Heroes" is about to be "Reborn" on NBC, and with this tantalizing news comes many, many questions. Specifically, who from the original cast is going to come back?

We know main cast member Milo Ventimiglia, a.k.a. Peter Petrelli isn't too crazy about the whole idea, but what about his season one mentor, invisible thief Claude Rains (Christopher Eccleston)?

When we caught up with Eccleston on the red carpet for his new show, HBO's "The Leftovers," the actor (who you may also know as the ninth incarnation of The Doctor from "Doctor Who") was positively ecstatic about the idea of returning for more "Heroes."

"Of course, yeah, I had a great time on the show!" Eccleston said on the prospect. "Yeah. I'd always be interested. That was a great character. I love that guy."

For those not up on their "Heroes" continuity, Rains used to be an agent of the mysterious Company that was rounding up powered people. He was shot and left for dead, before resurfacing years later to teach Peter how to use his own powers.

The story of Claude was left hanging after season one, but picked up in multiple in-continuity graphic novels, so it would be entirely possible to bring Eccleston back on for the next incarnation of "Heroes."

There's one other super-powered franchise, though, where you shouldn't expect Eccleston back anytime soon, and that's with Marvel's "Thor." He played villain Malekith in the sequel "Thor: The Dark World," which ended with spoiler him mostly dismembered, and crushed under a gigantic spaceship.

Still, for a Dark Elf who can control time and space, missing a few limbs and being totally flattened on an alien planet isn't necessarily an impediment to returning for another throw-down with the mighty Thor. You know what is an impediment? Time in the makeup chair.

"Eh, the makeup was a little, I don't think I'd like to revisit six hours of makeup every day," Eccleston said when asked if he'd come back to the Marvel movie universe. "And I think Malekith has served his time. The way of the Marvel films, the Thor films, they have a new villain every time."

And all that would seem to put a punctuation mark definitively on more Malekith, except for this little post-script.

"I do think there was more to be said and done with him," Eccleston added, which prompted us to ask about the possibility of a Malekith solo film spin-off.

"Are you directing?" Eccleston joked. "I'll do it if you direct."

You hear that, Marvel? "Malekith: The Movie" is a go, if you just hand us the keys to the kingdom. Let's do this thing.

Eccleston can be seen every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO's "The Leftovers."