Lady Gaga Says She Raised $500,000 For Haiti Relief

Singer donates all proceeds from Sunday night's show in New York to Haiti.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] said she raised more than $500,000 for Haiti relief on Sunday night at her show in New York. On her final U.S. tour date on the first leg of the Monster Ball Tour, the singer announced Tuesday that her "Gaga for Haiti" day on Sunday netted half a million dollars for relief efforts in Haiti.

"On 'Gaga for Haiti' day, in just 24 hours, with very minimal marketing and planning, all the little monsters all over the world made over half a million dollars for Haiti relief," she said in the middle of the song "Speechless" during a show on Tuesday night at Purdue University. The gig was a makeup date for a show she [article id="1629783"]canceled earlier this month due to exhaustion[/article]. "I know [merchandise firm] Bravado fell off their chair. ... They couldn't believe it. So let's sing along for Haiti right now so that they can hear us."

Gaga's label could not confirm the figures as of press time, and it wasn't clear if the figure she quoted from stage also included sales of her special limited-edition Haiti T-shirt.

Gaga pledged to donate all proceeds from her final show at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Sunday to Haiti relief, as well as all merchandise sales that day. The singer was in good company, as [article id="1630374"]Radiohead also played a Haiti benefit show[/article] on Sunday night in Los Angeles, raising $573,000 for Oxfam International's Haitian relief efforts.

Gaga also announced during the show that's she's in the midst of rehearsing for the video shoot for her next single "Telephone" (featuring Beyoncé) as well as her [article id="1629039"]Grammy performance[/article] on Sunday night.

The Gaga and Radiohead figures come on top of the more than $61 million raised on Friday night during the "Hope for Haiti Now" event, which set new records for donations made by the general public to a disaster-relief telethon. In addition, the [article id="1630568"]Hope for Haiti Now album[/article] made history Wednesday (January 27) when it became the first digital-only LP to debut at #1 on the Billboard albums chart.

Learn more about what you can do to help with [article id="1629607"]earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti[/article], and for more information, see Think MTV. Visit or call (877) 99-HAITI to make a donation now.