Anne Hathaway Tried (And Failed) To Throw Shade At The Kardashians

Uh, that's not how shade works

Before heading out to the premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass on Monday (May 23), Anne Hathaway found herself in hot water with the Internet.

The Oscar winner shared a meme on Instagram of costar Helena Bonham Carter with the caption, "In a world of Kardashians... Be a Helena Bonham Carter." She soon deleted the pic — although you can check it out here — and replaced it with another one, explaining her error.

"It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other," Hathaway wrote. "Not my style. Peace x."

But did Hathaway actually throw shade at Kim Kardashian and fam? This particular post seems the equivalent of trying to subtweet someone, but then just tagging them anyway.

Even if her intentions were good, surely using the Kardashians as an example wasn't the best move — especially after the whole Chloë Moretz/Bette Midler/Pink/Jeremy Renner versus Kim K selfie fiasco in March.

Some fans thought Hathaway was dissing the Kardashians, while others wrote that people were missing the bigger picture. One commenter even said how the original post was "encouraging girls and women to embrace being different [even] if they feel they don't fit into what's considered normal and beautiful these days." Either way, Hathaway ended up falling down an Internet shade rabbit hole. Live and learn.

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