Taylor Swift Is A Big Hit With 'Hannah Montana' Cast, Director

After singer's cameo, Peter Chelsom says he wants to work with Miley's BFF again.

HOLLYWOOD, California -- Although Thursday night was all about [movieperson id="239758"]Miley Cyrus[/movieperson], the other hot topic at the premiere of [movie id="381910"]"Hannah Montana: The Movie"[/movie] was [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] and her cameo as herself in the movie, opening April 10. For some, the country-crossover star's appearance on the set was a big thrill.

"It was cool," co-star Jason Earles told MTV News at the El Capitan Theatre. "I had to do the 'Hoedown Throwdown' that day, so I was working on the dance a little bit. But whenever she was singing and shooting, I was glued to the monitors and watching her sing, 'cause she's a very engaging performer."

Although Emily Osment wasn't there the day Taylor shot her part, Osment recalled that there was one thing about Swift people couldn't stop talking about. "The first thing I heard about Taylor wasn't [about] her, but it was about her incredible tour bus, which is crazy," she said. "I wanted to see that -- I wanted to see Taylor too! She's wonderful."

Director Peter Chelsom was so taken with Swift that he has the bug to work with her again in the future. "She only did a day, but I've made a very big mental check to work with her again," Chelsom told E! Online. "If she walked in the room right now, I would say, 'Can we meet and talk about films you might want to do?' I don't have anything concrete, but I would be very keen to do something with her."

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