Rick Ross And Drake Speak The Language Of Luxury On 'Gold Roses'

Cue the money counter sound!

Rick Ross and Drake are the last bidders, and winners, of expensive paintings at auctions. They fill up their gas tanks without so much as glancing at the price on the pump. If they're dying of thirst in the middle of the desert, they'll find Fiji water — because regular water won't do. They aren't just rich; they're wealthy. And their new collaboration, "Gold Roses," is pinky-up, drinking-strawberry-Fanta-out-of-a-champagne glass rap that doesn't let you forget it. Both rappers bring their A-game over a slow-moving beat that's at odds with this summer's fast pace. They want you to slow it down for a second and revel in the moment. Time is money.

"Gold Roses" is soulful and elegant. It's what Bruce Wayne listens to in the Batmobile while zooming through red lights. Drake waltzes in front of Ross for an opening verse about financial freedom for himself and those around him, and talks about what he's personally on. He's already in 2020, preparing to build schools and feed the homeless. Rick Ross, the Pharoah of the Flex, then comes in and cracks his knuckles, determined to outdo Drake's braggadocio. He succeeds with just one line: "Chanel in the mail, FedEx from Pharrell." Among other things, he was nominated for a Grammy (but never won), he gives his partner glass slippers (which have to be awfully uncomfortable), and he can fly you out to the Cannes Film Festival and fill you up with lobsters and prawns. When you can brag about buying seafood, that's when you know you're in a different tax bracket.

"Gold Roses" will appear on Ross's forthcoming album Port of Miami 2 that's set to drop on August 9. The LP will also feature the previously released "Act A Fool" and "Big Tyme" with Swizz Beatz.

Listen to Rick Ross and Drake's special brand of luxury talk in "Gold Roses" up above.

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