Mom Meets World: Danielle Fishel Discusses Topanga's Role In New Spin-Off! [Video]


A casually chic Danielle Fishel at a Guess event in 2010.

Ever since the reveal of "Girl Meets World," super-fans have vocalized their need for details. Thankfully, Danielle Fishel sat down with OK! Magazine recently to dish on new info regarding Topanga's career and her role as a mom. Ya year that? New info!

In the video below, Fishel hints at how Topanga's life may shape up on the spin-off. "When 'Boy Meets World' ended, they had moved to New York so she could go to law school," she reminds us, without giving too much away, of course. But, would becoming a lawyer change Topanga's eccentric style? Fishel assures us that, no matter what, her closet will have some pizzazz. "I think a lot of the wardrobe is going to depend on where Topanga is at, at this stage in her life," she says. "Even if Topanga was wearing a power suit, I think it would have a Topanga flair." So, no mom jeans...we hope?

Check out the interview, and don't miss "Boy Meets World" reruns every day on MTV2's "Old School Afternoons."

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Photo: Jerod Harris/ Stringer/ Getty Images

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