Jhene Aiko Is All Dressed Up With Blood On Her Hands In 'The Worst' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Watch Jhene Aiko's "The Worst" video.

Jhené Aiko plays a cold-blooded killer in her video for "The Worst."

Jhené Aiko might be a smokin' hot babe, but the R&B/pop singer sure plays a good cold-blooded killer in her dark and stormy video for "The Worst" (found on her brand-new project, Sail Out).

In fact, we might even argue that Jhené's the hottest murderer since Christina Aguilera in her "Your Body" video! (Only with more Victoria's Secret lingerie and WAY less glitter.)

Watch Jhené Aiko's "The Worst" video after the jump.

In "The Worst," Jhené initially looks like she's having a casual night in at home. Stepping into the kitchen, Jhené makes herself a quick PB&J snack (in a matching bra and panty set, of course), and just as she turns to step away from the fridge, Jhené walks over -- AHHHH!! -- a DEAD BODY! DUN DUN DUN.

Who did Jhené kill? A no-good boyfriend? A dangerous intruder?? Whoever it was, she doesn't look too bent out of shape about it. (Side note: Without giving too much away, does this remind anyone else of Miss Claudette's story line in "Orange Is The New Black"?)

Anyway, just as you're left thinking a woman this hot could actually get away with murder, Jhené opens the door to a waiting (and very angry-looking) group of police, presumably there to cart her away to the slammer. But at least she's in full makeup, right? A mug shot with under-eye bags would make things so much worse. #Priorities

+ Watch Jhené Aiko's "The Worst" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Island Def Jam

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