'Power' Is Fictional, But It's Also 50 Cent's Real Life

50 tells us which 'Power' scene happened for real.

When "Power" debuted on STARZ last year it was unclear what kind of role 50 Cent would fill on the cable crime series. The G-Unit juggernaut plays Kanan, an ex-con who is scheming to reclaim his spot in the streets.

During the first few episodes, 50 had small scenes, while series stars Omari Hardwick (Ghost), Joseph Sikora (Tommy), Naturi Naughton (Tasha) and Lela Loren (Angela) held things down. In season two, which premieres on June 6, fans can expect 50's Kanan to be more visible and essential to the show's plot.

And if you start to notice that Kanan has the same street sensibilities as the 50 Cent that we've all come to know and love, there is a good reason for that. Fif tells MTV News that he and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh regularly draw from the rapper's real life.

"For the whole series we drew from that. There's points where I say things in conversations with Courtney and she'll say, 'Hold up, say that again'," the rapper/actor told MTV News during an interview with fellow "Power" star Joseph Sikora.

"There's personal things for me in the series that make me a little more attached to the project [while] watching it."

Sometimes 50 uses his personal experiences to help build Kanan, but not always. The G-Unit juggernaut recalls one key scene in season one that didn't feature him, but was very personal all the same.

In a flashback, after a drug dealing Ghost gets pulled over with a gun in his car, his then-girlfriend Tasha offers to take the gun and save him the legal trouble. It was with that moment that Ghost decides that Tasha is the woman that he wanted to marry.

"In season one, when her and Ghost decide to get married is when she gets pulled over in the car and she says, 'Give me the gun,'" 50 begins to explain before connecting the dots to his real life.

In Spring 2000, before he became the superstar that he is now, 50 was shot nine times outside of his grandmother's home in Queens, New York. He's rapped about the incident on several occasions; and it has made him extremely cautious.

"Following me actually being shot I was uncomfortable going anywhere [without a gun]. I got shot 12 'o' clock in the afternoon, so what time's a bad time," he explained. "When I got pulled over on the [New] Jersey turnpike, my son's mother said, 'Give me the gun.'"

Now, 50 didn't decide to marry his child's mother like Ghost decided to marry Tasha, but it did inspire that key scene in "Power."

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