New Video: Phoenix, 'Trying To Be Cool'

Watch Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool" video.

Phoenix plays it "Cool" in their new video.

Phoenix doesn't have to try that hard to be cool -- dudes headline music festivals; one is married to Sofia Coppola; they chill in France; they're tonight's featured artist on MTV's "Catfish" -- but the band's "Trying To Be Cool" video, their latest Bankrupt! jam, definitely makes an effort. The video's a clever satire of a behind-the-scenes shoot, opening with the band from a standard in-studio setup and growing increasingly elaborate, adding stage fog, pyrotechnics, and even a Marilyn Monroe tribute. But it's clear from the opening shot -- a nonchalant jacket toss that misses the coat hanger; Phoenix is too cool for proper clothing care -- that the band's poking fun at their rock star status.

Watch Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool" video after the jump.

Things only get sillier, with frontman Thomas Mars wearing shades to crush a kid in chess and dominate a ping-pong table. When the jokes end, though, the band fills a room with flashing lights, LCD screen visuals, and a few dozen dancers throwing down some impressive club choreography, all of which is achieved with two film crews swapping shots every 25 seconds (we feel dizzy just thinking about it). Face it, Phoenix: You're cool after all -- even when you're wearing disco jackets that look like Ryan Gosling rejects from "Drive." Not gonna lie: We would still buy the s*** out of that. BRB, refreshing the Phoenix online store.

Phoenix's Bankrupt! is out now.

+ Watch Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool" video.

Photo credit: Glassnote Records

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