Prepare To Fall In Love With 'School Of Rock' All Over Again: Watch The Reunion

Class is still in session.

Almost exactly two years after the "School of Rock" reunion, 22 Vision, an LA-based company that specializes in reuniting cast members from famous movies (such as "The Little Rascals"), released its video of the entire SOR cast performing "Legends of the Rent" — a decade after they sang it in the movie.

In case you've forgotten, the SOR cast celebrated the movie's 10th anniversary back in 2013 (because the movie came out in 2003, so, you know, math) and 22 Vision was able to interview the cast and get all kinds of behind-the-scenes rock greatness. However, the video above wasn't released until August 10, 2015.

Miranda Cosgrove shared some pics of the event on Instagram back when the reunion took place.

Personally, my favorite part of the video is when Jack Black apologizes to a man in the audience for emitting "real aggressive energy" towards him during the performance.

22 Vision

School of Rock Reunion 1

22 Vision

School of Rock Reunion 2

BRB, need to go rewatch this movie right now.

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Jack Black - School of Rock

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