Bee Gees Don't Dig Wyclef's Sample

June 26 [7:55 EDT] -- If Wyclef Jean's sample of the Bee Gees on his new single, [article id="1439375"]"We Trying To Stay Alive," [850k QuickTime][/article] seems like an inspired move, don't tell that to the Bee Gees.

I have to say I do not like anyone sampling our voices," Barry Gibb told MTV News. "Don't like it. Don't approve of it. Don't like it.

Nonetheless, the group's legendary falsettos turn up on Wyclef's solo debut, "The Carnival," which arrived in stores this week. So if the band isn't keen on artists using their vocal stylings as samples, then how did Wyclef pull it off?

Barry told MTV News after the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently. "They didn't approach us about sampling our voices and we heard the final thing and thought, 'well it's fun, but we don't really like it.

While the Bee Gees may not be crazy about the sample, it was apparently cleared by the band's camp as the brothers Gibb are given

songwriting credit for the track in the liner notes of Carnival.

The Bee Gees "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy on sampling seems to have worked for Wyclef, who has crafted a clever single and video around the 70s disco anthem.

Of course, the disco scene isn't the only influence heard on Wyclef's solo effort. The Fugee has built a collection of ambitiously eclectic tracks that mix American hip-hop with the vibrant sounds of the Caribbean. The tunes draw especially heavily from Wyclef's native land of Haiti, and several songs are actually sung in that country's Creole language.

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