"Rhyme And Reason" Gives Documentary Look At Rap

March 6 [7:55 EST] -- "Rhyme And Reason," a new documentary that offers a closer look into the rap world, opened in theaters across the country on Wednesday.

The film is the second big rap-umentary to come our way, after last year's "The Show." This latest entry into the realm of hip-hop cinema features a whirlwind of interviews and performances from a wide range of stars, and manages to pack over 80 artists into just over 90 minutes of film.

The film strips away the public personas we're used to from these stars, and offers insights into their more personal sides. At one point in the movie, Salt-N-Pepa discuss their elation at hearing one of their songs on the radio for the first time in a story that sounds like it could have been part of "That Thing You Do.

(We were) in the middle of the street, her and her girlfriend jumped out of the car," Salt said in the film. "We're running around the car, telling everybody

in the street...

That's me! That's me! That's my song on the radio," Pepa added. "I could not believe it.

And I'm like, 'Get in the car,'" Salt joked. (QuickTime, 1.6MB)

Of course, there is a "Rhyme And Reason" soundtrack album that recently hit stores as well.