India Is About To Get Its Very Own 'Game Of Thrones'

Winter is coming to India!

Can't get enough "Game of Thrones"? You're certainly not alone. Anticipation for the show's fifth season is at an all-time high, with little more than two weeks until it premieres in the United States and elsewhere around the globe — and speaking of elsewhere around the globe, one country is so amped up on "Thrones" that they're making their own version of the show.

The Indian Express reports that India is getting its very own "Game of Thrones," and casting is already underway, with actress Sakshi Tanwar cast as Daenerys, Anita Hassanandani as Cersei, and Parth Samthaan of MTV India's "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" playing Jon Snow:


Will Parth Samthaan be more or less expressive than Kit Harington's Jon Snow?



You decide!

It's an ambitious idea, India taking on "Game of Thrones." Heck, it's ambitious enough to make the original HBO series work, let alone an entirely new adaptation. But it's far from the first time that India has taken popular American television and given it a new spin. In 2013, India produced its own version of "24," starring "Slumdog Millionaire" actor Anil Kapoor as a character based on Jack Bauer; Kapoor himself was actually on season eight of "24," and was so into the concept that he bought the rights to make it in India.

There's no sign that any of the stars of "Thrones" are involved in the making of the Indian version of the show, but all the same, more power to anyone who has the interest and ambition to explore the world of Westeros even further. The real question is, what's going to come first: India's "Game of Thrones," or the next book in George R.R. Martin's series?

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