'Waverly Place' Witch Alex Russo Reacts To Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands To Myself’ Video

How does Alex feel about SelGo's recent slayage?

If you're anything like us, then after you saw Selena Gomez's sultry music video for "Hands To Myself," you probably thought, W.W.A.R.D.? Aka "What Would Alex Russo Do?"

For five years, SelGo played the plucky teen witch on Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place," so naturally, we think she'd have a lot to say about her portrayer's transformative turn as a smoky-eyed seductress. And you better believe that she'd be brutally honest about it.

Alex Russo Laugh

Alex was always more of a stay-at-home-in-your-pajamas-and-stuff-your-face-with-pretzels kind of girl, so Gomez's new look is pretty jarring for this "Waverly Place" witch. Here's how our favorite Russo (probably) reacted to the SelGo's new video:

When Selena was all like, "I want you all to myself..."

Selena Can'

Alex kept things practical.

Alex Russo Set Somebody Free

When Selena broke into model-esque Christopher Mason's Los Angeles bachelor bad and wastes no time stripping down to her lingerie...


Alex suggested a more memorable entrance.


When Selena started trying on every button-down in the man's closet...

Selena Mirror Dance

Alex had NO TIME for that. Just think of all the energy you waste trying on every item of clothing. Hard pass.

Alex Russo Resting Up For My 30s

When Selena fantasized about getting hot and heavy with a certain blonde...

Selena making out

Alex found the whole thing to be pretty ha-larious.


When Selena had time to take a nice, relaxing bath in the middle of a breaking and entering

Selena Bathtub

Alex was super bummed there were no bubbles involved.


When Selena fantasized about cuddling up to her man on the couch...

Selena couch snuggles

Alex was like, been there, done that. She had already had her heart broken over binge-watching plans. "Jessica Jones" waits for no man, she said.

Alex Russo Canceled Our Big Plans

When Selena jumped into bed and really couldn't keep her hands to herself...

Selena Can'

Alex knew what a mid-afternoon nap meant for her perfectly tousled tresses.

Alex Russo Overslept

When Selena couldn't stop ~ feeling herself ~ in that bed...

Selena Moody

Alex was ALL about SelGo's revival. Get it, girl.

Alex Russo Queen of Everything

And finally, when Selena gets arrested...

Selena arrested

Alex was proud of her girl for not running.

Alex Russo I Don'

When it comes to SelGo's pop music slayage in recent months, everything is exactly how it seems.