Another Beyonce Solo LP Due Before Destiny's Child Reunite

Disc expected to include leftovers from Dangerously in Love.

SANTA MONICA, California -- Dangerously in Love 2 is already taken -- it's a song on Dangerously in Love -- so something like Still Dangerous might have to do.

You see, Beyoncé hopes to release a sequel of sorts to her debut solo album in March.

"I recorded about 45 songs for Dangerously in Love," the singer said at the recent Vibe Awards (see [article id="1480616"]"50 Cent Wins Big -- And Shows Up -- At Vibe Awards"[/article]). "I love so many songs, and they are just kind of going to waste sitting there."

Beyoncé included one of the songs, a collaboration she recorded with P. Diddy (and later Ghostface Killah) called "Summertime," on "The Fighting Temptations" soundtrack and found fans and radio programmers eager for more.

The album is still in the planning stages, but one of the producers from Beyoncé's first album is sure one of his leftover tracks will be included, possibly even as a single.

"It's called 'Scent of You' and it's a ballad, but it's a rock ballad, a little leaning on metal," said Bryce Wilson, who has also worked with Toni Braxton. "It's definitely something that nobody's ever heard from her."

In the meantime, Beyoncé is still promoting her first album. She shot a video last week for "Me, Myself and I," the follow-up to the hit "Baby Boy."

"The song is really powerful," she said. "It talks about women basically listening to their inner voice and knowing that they will never disappoint themselves. And basically the video reflects that."

Details of the concept are being kept under wraps, but Johan Renck (Kylie Minogue, Chris Cornell) directed. "He's from Europe, and I love his whole approach," Beyoncé said.

As for Destiny's Child, the singer said her group plans to reunite in the studio early next year (see [article id="1479867"]"Destiny's Child Promise Two Albums In 2004"[/article]). Plus she hopes to make another movie soon. "There's not anything in stone yet, but I am looking," she said.

On Saturday Beyoncé joined Bono onstage at a benefit concert for AIDS awareness in Africa (see [article id="1480842"]"Beyonce, Bono, Others Perform At AIDS Benefit Show In Cape Town"[/article]).

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