The First 'Superfly' Trailer Features Rick Ross And New Music From Future

They're playing the game by their own rules and winning

The first official teaser trailer for Superfly is here, and with it comes another snippet of the original soundtrack, produced by Future.

The teaser opens with soundbites from the cast and crew, including Director X, Big Boi, stars Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell, and more, with offerings about the movie and explaining why the remake of the 1972 blaxploitation crime drama takes place in Atlanta rather than Harlem, its original locale. (According to Big Boi, that’s because “as far as style and influence and culture, Atlanta’s got the juice right now.”)

The clip then moves into the actual teaser, opening with panning shots of Atlanta as a voiceover introduces us to the new Youngblood Priest (Jackson), a hard worker who "gave people jobs when there were no jobs," and whose drug operation expanded across the city. "Isn't that what the American Dream is all about?” he asks.

Future’s latest beat drops over the rest of Priest's cautionary monologue as visuals of the most glamorous (Rick Ross) and most dangerous (violent police raids) aspects of the drug game flash by.

“Money comes easy. It’s keeping it that’s hard. Power never stopped a bullet. No car can outrun fate. But if you can play the game by your own rules and win? That’s Superfly,” Priest defines, with the trailer ending on a shot of his deep exhale.

His speech indicates that despite the location change, the remake will resemble the original Super Fly storyline of a successful cocaine dealer who wants to finish one final deal before retiring from the business.

Superfly is scheduled to hit theaters June 15.