Kelis Would Rather Cook Sauces Than Beef With Ex Nas

Kelis says that's so not her wedding dress on the cover of Nas' Life is Good.

Kelis does not play. Ask if her new Feast line of sauces is the hip-hop equivalent of late actor Paul Newman's line of Newman's Own condiments and she'll draw a blank on "what Paul Newman's situation is."

Maybe inquire about why it was important for her to move on from the signature sound she created with Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes on her early albums to prove she could be successful on her own, and the Ginsu-sharp replies are just as cutting. "It wasn't so much about if I could be successful without them, because they wanted to see if they could be successful without me," she says. "We started off together. It wasn't like I had anything to prove to them."

But ask her about what ex-husband Nas, is up to lately and, well, she just kind of draws a blank there.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the "Bossy" singer and host of the Cooking Channel's new show, "Saucy & Sweet," was asked how she felt about Nas putting her wedding dress on the cover of his 2012 Life is Good album.

"It's not even the dress," she said in answer to why the rap superstar still had her iconic green gown. "The joke behind that is that it's the slip to the petticoat to my dress. I think when I moved out I just left it. That's all he had, poor thing."

Kelis said she didn't find out about the [article id="1688283"]album cover[/article]
 until two days before it was released and as to why the rapper made that choice, she said, "All kinds of ideas of why, but I don't really care."

Even if it brought up some old emotions, she's clearly moved on from the couple's four-year marriage and [article id="1682026"]conflict-filled divorce[/article]
. "Maybe for others, but not for me," she said when asked if the Good cover gave her some feelings. "I don't really listen to his music anyway."