Miles Teller Wants The Fantastic Four To Chill With The X-Men

'I don't know what we'd talk about.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Just today we got to scope out brand new pictures of Miles Teller in his Mr. Fantastic duds for "Fantastic Four," and now we have even more new info about the upcoming film.

At SXSW Film Festival in support of "The Divergent Series: Insurgent," Teller dropped a few hints about his upcoming turn as a superhero in "Fantastic Four." Though he hasn't yet seen the film, he said there are certain things he hopes make the final cut -- including humor.

"You should have some laughs in there. You want to see some enjoyment and The Thing better say 'it's clobbering time,'" he said.

As far as character research goes, Teller said he was told not to go all in on reading every comic.

"We were looking to kind of put our stamp on it," he said. "We were looking to pay respect to the history of the characters but to bring them up to date."

And when it comes to the Simon Kinberg connection between "Fantastic Four" and the universe of "X-Men," Teller didn't quite rule out the possibility of a crossover, though he said he hadn't heard any plans. That doesn't mean he's not open to a little chill time with Logan, though.

"I would love to kick it with Wolverine," he said. "I don't know what we would talk about, but..."

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" hits theaters March 20.

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