Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Trailer: 'Jump In' With Director Jon Chu

Chu tells us exactly what we'll see in the first preview.

There's only one more day until fans finally get to see the full trailer for Justin Bieber's new concert flick/documentary, [article id="1715713"]"Believe,"[/article] out on Christmas Day.

And, so far the teasers have revealed that Bieber is going to get real in his latest big-screen project, [article id="1715713"]opening up about the criticism he receives[/article] and, apparently, his [article id="1703282"]scuffle with a London photographer[/article] earlier this year. In the latest clip, Bieber admits "I really wanted to hit him. That's what they wanted. I learned from that."

It's those kinds of confessions that director Jon Chu tells MTV News will have fans playing the trailer on repeat. "I think it's a great representation of what our movie is. I think a lot of people don't know what this movie is. What more story can you tell of the Justin Bieber story? And there's so much that has happened this year and last year, building the tour and his personal life, that we get to delve into," he shared about the release. "And you get to see the truth."

He continued, "It's beyond headlines and blog posts of speculation. This is the truth of what I saw and what I know of him, as well as from his own mouth of what he's been experiencing, and I think that's a compelling story to tell. That's why I wanted to jump in again."

Chu [article id="1654533"]directed 2011's massively successful "Never Say Never,"[/article] and he shared he's excited to show the next part of the story in "Believe," starting with the trailer, which will not only include those personal moments but also footage from his Believe Tour.

"You rarely hear of doing another documentary slash concert film, but this had more story to tell," he said. "And I think when you watch the trailer; you'll get a sense that this is a story about a human being. It's about a boy becoming an artist, a boy becoming a man. And, as for the movie, [it] tells the story of growing up a bit. And so that's what you'll see in the trailer, without losing the spectacle and fun. I think his Believe album's awesome and you get to experience his concert unlike any time, front row seats right there. So it's pretty cool."

In addition to the trailer, the poster for the flick also dropped, with Bieber giving off major rockstar swag while drenched in his signature purple. And, Chu is pretty excited by all the reveals. He added, "We're revealing the poster and trailer all online. It's fun when it's all happening."

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