17 Times Barry Allen Had Absolutely Zero Superhero Chill

Barry Allen, patron saint of superhero nerds.

In a sea of angsty TV and film superheroes, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) stands as a beacon of lovable superhero awkwardness. One only has to watch five minutes of "The Flash" to realize that the CW speedster has the Adorkable Heroism Angle on lockdown and that it makes for great television.

Barry is never afraid to reveal just how unsure he is about the world, his place in it, or what the heck he's supposed to be doing with his newfound powers...

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And, guys? In a television landscape full of hyper-masculine anti-hero-types, it is gloriously refreshing. Because, yeah, some of the time Barry is doing awesome stuff like this...

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But much of the fun — and heart — of "The Flash" comes not from watching Barry catch missiles with his bare hands, but from working through these questions of identity in the most confused ways.

Here are 17 examples of Barry Allen being the most adorably awkward superhero ever...

Those times he geeked out about working at S.T.A.R. Labs.

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Oh, you're supposed to play it cool about working in a super secretive lab/prison full of metahumans? Yeah, Barry didn't get that memo. He was too busy being extremely proud and supportive of his work and co-workers.

That time he wore this helmet.

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Not even Oliver Queen could make this helmet-and-unitard number look intimidating, but Barry doesn't seem to mind looking nerdy. After all, it's for science.

That time he used his camera phone to prove his super speed.

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Does your super speed even exist if you don't Instagram about it? #MetaAboutMetas

That time he approached his IRL job like so...

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"To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary forensic scientist..." Still not sure what that means, Barry, but we have to admit that your efforts to maintain a job as a forensic scientist while moonlighting as a superhero are admirable.

That time he used his super speed for dental hygiene.

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Flossing is SUPER important.

That time he danced into S.T.A.R. Labs.

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You can take the actor out of the "Glee," but you can't take the "Glee" out of the actor.

That time he got porcupined.

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The life of a superhero is not all glitz and glamour, you know. Sometimes, it involves running into General Eiling, a man who seems to gather weapon design inspiration from viewings of "Homeward Bound."

That time Barry and Caitlin decided they needed to improve their social lives.

"My social life consists of running at super human speed and Netflix." We can relate to half of those things.

That time he totally outted Felicity.

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Whoops. Barry can't help but be excited about his friend's awesomeness. To be fair, we get REALLY excited about Felicity Smoak's awesomeness, too.

That time he made this science joke.

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Sometimes, Barry's adorable awkwardness cycles back around so that it's cool again. This was not one of those times.

That time he pretended not to have knowledge of the future.

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If you're looking for an example of how not to act after you've accidentally traveled backwards in time and can't tell any of your friends or family about it, Barry is your man. Because it turned out he didn't have knowledge of the future. Just knowledge of one possible eventuality. That he acted on. Awkwardly.

That time he faked having "lightning psychosis."

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Desperate times call for desperate measures — like pretending you have a made-up medical condition to avoid the awkwardness of having declared your undying love to your best friend.

That time he asked the super computer nicely.

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Spoiler alert: this totally worked. Barry Allen understands the superpower that is asking politely.

That time he assumed everyone knew his secret identity.

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... And was wrong about it. Seriously, for a superhero, Barry is kind of the worst at keeping secrets.

That time he stopped an armed robber by undressing him.

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Barry is a lover, not a fighter. Why punch a guy in the face when you can distract him by stealing his clothes (and gun)? The Barry Allen Story.

That time Barry used his super speed to get Victor Garber pizza.

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When Victor Garber asks for pizza, you get Victor Garber pizza.

That time he nerded out about The League of Assassins' dungeon.

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Focus, Barry. You have a season finale to save.

Yep, Barry Allen is a totally awkward superhero, but we wouldn't change him for anything in the world(s). Because, in the immortal words of Joe West...

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