The Ryan Gosling Bathroom Is Real, And It's Spectacular

Heaven is at a sushi restaurant in San Diego.

How many times have we all daydreamed that one day there would be a Ryan Gosling themed bathroom? So many times. Or zero times. Probably zero. Nevertheless, a new sushi restaurant in San Diego aptly titled Bang Bang went all in and decked out their bathroom like a teenage girl's bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling pictures of Gosling so you can stare into his dreamy eyes as you handle your business, with those dreamy eyes staring back at you. Not weird at all! Not even kind of creepy! The people behind Bang Bang are so clever they even decked out the men's bathroom with Godzilla-themed toilets. Which means… actually I have no idea what that means.

Women are coming from all over to fill their Instagram feed with photos of them kissing the (BATHROOM!) walls, or I guess in their delusional state, Gosling's face. I secretly wish Nathan Fielder were behind this, because then it would all make sense.

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